Kata Ungvári-Zrínyi
Zsolt Fekete photographs

Key of the reality visualized by Zsolt Fekete on the one hand is the emphasis placed on the quality of image; the pronounced and sophisticated character of his pictures, where the individual world of the different figures also obtains space, may be created by the absolute domination of the medium. On the other hand the vizualised subjects are present on the photo with their entire/whole being but their presence isn’t illustrative, they are neither exageratedly confidential nor intrusive. The same world also includes the illustrated environment. The location of the photos are apparently barren landscapes: empty spaces in nature, which don’t belong specifically to the wild nature because they somehow bear human imprints. Zsolt Fekete brings to the surface/reveals stories, that are taken place on a selected stage in differnt moments of the day. But we don’t need to understand literally the world „stories”: rather we may talk about a happening or event choreographed accidentally by fate/fortune. The story hidden behind a fixed picture is only about the appearence of a character at a particular location; the event is the result of the interaction of different factors at a given moment and a given place. We say a given moment, but theese meetings of the locations with the different characters seem to be timeless – each meeting it is like the only existing, eternal reality. Because of the attention focused on the unique constellation, the repeating location isn’t the same, rather we can say that parallel posibilities or parallel universes pass side by side. This is how the periphery may expand/widen indeed while the focus is narrowing.